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Lewis County West Virginia.


James Gum, Director

Keith Talbert, Asst Director

201 Orchard Street

Weston, WV 26452

304-269-8235 OEM

304-269-8241 E-911

Fax: 304-269-8203

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911 Director, James Gum, and 911 Assistant Director, Keith Talbert, stand together while posing for a photo.
911 Director, James Gum, accepts an award while standing for a group photo.

Lewis-Gilmer E-911 Center


The mission of the Lewis-Gilmer E-911 Center is to work together as a team, share information and assist each other in times of need. Thorough understanding, courtesy and respect allow us to provide public service in a timely, precise, expedient and proficient manner, while maintaining a calm, professional and compassionate attitude.

Our continued education reinforces our commitment to excellence to help save lives and make a positive difference as the vital link in communications. By using technology experience and teamwork, we continue to fulfill the needs of our expanding community.

Register 911 Addressing
The Lewis-Gilmer County Addressing Office is responsible for addressing existing and new structures in both Lewis and Gilmer Counties. This department maintains the GIS and Addressing data for both counties.

Addressing Coordinator

201 Orchard Street
Weston, WV 26452

Phone: 304-269-6567
Fax: 304-269-8203

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Floodplain Administration

The duties of the Floodplain Administration Office entail, but are not limited to:

  • Floodplain determinations for new development

  • Maintaining a map repository and information on historic flood events for public and government use

  • Provide resources and recommendations for best land use and methods to prevent loss due to flood damage

Steve Moneypenny, Floodplain Manager

201 Orchard Street

Weston, WV 26452

Phone: 304-269-6567

Fax: 304-269-8203

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911 Assistant Director, Keith Talbert, speaking with a 911 operator while overlooking multiple computer monitors.
911 Director, James Gum, speaking to an audience.


Coming soon.... in 2024 .... the NEW Lewis/Gilmer 911 Center!

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