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Lewis County West Virginia.

Lewis County Clerk

Cynthia S. Rowan

The County Clerk is elected by the citizens of the county to serve a six-year term of office. The Clerks salary for Lewis County is $67,489 and is required to be full-time in Class I-V counties. The County Clerk’s responsibilities include the management of records of the county commission and election duties. These duties include but are not limited to:

The duties of County Clerk's Office include:

  • Issuance of marriage licenses, birth and death certificates 

  • Record births, marriages and deaths in the county

  • Registrar for all voters in the county

  • Recorder of all county documents

  • Keep minutes of all County Commission Meetings

  • Responsible for the book keeping of the county

  • Provide notary services

  • Issue military service discharge records

  • Probate wills and administration of estates

* Estates by appointment only. Please call (304)269-8215 for more detailed information.

County Clerk, Cynthia Rowan, adjusting a record book in a records room.
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