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Lewis County West Virginia.

Family Court Judge:

Theresa Cogar Turner


Shannon Daugherty

Case Coordinator


Sara Wiegert


117 Court Avenue

Weston, WV 26452

Phone: 304-269-0432
Fax: 304-269-0565

Headshot of Family Court Judge, Judge Theresa Turner.

Lewis County Family Court Judge

Theresa Cogar Turner

Family court judges hear cases involving divorce, annulment, separate maintenance, paternity, grandparent visitation, name change, infant guardianship, child custody, and issues involving allocation of parental responsibility and family support proceedings, except those incidental to child abuse and neglect proceedings. Family court judges also may perform marriages.

There are forty-seven family court judges who serve twenty-seven family court circuits. Family court judges are elected in nonpartisan elections. Their terms are for eight years. The governor appoints family court judges to fill vacancies. Some appointees may remain in office until the unexpired term ends while some must run for election to complete the full term, depending on how much time is left on the term at the time of appointment.



WV Supreme Court

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